Priority LIFT - Cathay Pacific Cargo

Why Choose Cathay?

  • Urgent cargo needs priority care. With Priority LIFT, you can rest easy knowing your urgent shipments will arrive on time.

Priority space access

High priority access to space plus automatic instant booking confirmation for shipments up to 1000 kg and 6.0 m³ on freighter flights and 500 kg and 3.0 m³ on passenger flights

Express handling

Late acceptance of last-minute shipments and early release of cargo ready for delivery*

*local conditions apply

Higher loading priority

Top priority cargo for load planning

Automatic Confirmation

Freighters: Shipments up to 1000 kg and 6.0m3
Passenger flights: Shipments up to 500 kg and 3.0m3

Cargo & Document Acceptance, before departure

90 minutes for loose cargo in bulk hold;

150 minutes for pre-packed cargo.

Cargo & Document Release, after arrival

120 minutes


Terms and Conditions

Additional Information

The following product is offered in selected markets:

  • General LIFT Plus

    We offer express handling and higher priority access to space and automatic booking confirmation for shipments up to 100 kg and 0.6 m3.

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