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Cargo-bookable passenger flight schedule for December

01 December 2020

From 1 December, Cathay Pacific will operate cargo-bookable passenger flights according to the flight schedule below. This schedule includes both regular passenger services and passenger flights operated for cargo only.

Region Route Flight number Days of operation Aircraft type
Chinese Mainland HKG-PEK CX386 Daily A330
CX332 D456 A330
HKG-PVG CX360 Daily B777
CX368 Daily A330
Europe HKG-AMS CX271 D3 A350
HKG-FRA CX289 D57 A350
HKG-LHR CX251 Daily A350
HKG-TLV CX675 D246 A350
North East Asia HKG-FUK CX588 D245 A330
HKG-ICN CX418 D257 A330/A350
HKG-KIX CX506 Daily A350
HKG-NRT CX520 D2456 A350
CX526 D4 A350
HKG-TPE CX402 D12345 A350
CX494 D4567 A350
CX400 D6 A350
South Asia HKG-BOM CX663 D146 B777
HKG-CMB CX611 D7 B777
HKG-DEL CX697 D57 B777
HKG-MAA CX631 D357 B777
South East Asia HKG-BKK CX653 Daily A350
CX701 D23456 A350
HKG-CEB CX921 D25 A350
CX925 D346 A350
HKG-CGK CX797 D234567 A350
HKG-HAN CX743 D2467 A330
CX2743 D3 B777
HKG-KUL CX725 D234567 A330
HKG-MNL CX901 D23567 A350
CX903 D2 A350
CX907 Daily A350
CX919 D234567 A350
HKG-SGN CX767 Daily A350
CX799 Daily A350
CX721 D46 A350
HKG-SIN CX735 D2 A350
CX759 Daily A350
HKG-SUB CX779 D56 A330
South West Pacific HKG-AKL CX113 D357 B777
HKG-MEL CX105 D13567 A350
CX163 D4 A350
HKG-PER CX171 D12345 A350
HKG-SYD CX101 D124567 A350
CX111 D234567 A350/B777
CX139 D47 B777
The Americas HKG-JFK CX846 D2 A350
CX844 D46 A350
HKG-LAX CX880 D134 A350
CX882 D5 A350
HKG-SFO CX870 D6 A350
CX872 D13 A350
HKG-YVR CX838 D5 A350
CX888 D13 A350
HKG-YYZ CX826 D16 A350


Region Route Flight number Days of operation Aircraft type

Chinese Mainland

PEK-HKG CX391 Daily A330
CX331 D456 A330
PVG-HKG CX369 Daily B777
CX367 Daily A330
Europe AMS-HKG CX270 D4 A350
FRA-HKG CX288 D57 A350
LHR-HKG CX252 Daily A350
TLV-HKG CX676 D246 A350
North East Asia FUK-HKG CX589 D245 A330
ICN-HKG CX419 D257 A330/A350
KIX-HKG CX507 Daily A350
NRT-HKG CX521 D2456 A350
CX527 D4 A350
TPE-HKG CX479 D12345 A350
CX495 D4567 A350
CX443 D6 A350
South Asia BOM-HKG CX660 D257 B777
CMB-HKG CX610 D7 B777
DEL-HKG CX694 D61 B777
MAA-HKG CX632 D461 B777
South East Asia BKK-HKG CX654 Daily A350
CX704 D23456 A350
CEB-HKG CX922 D25 A350
CX926 D346 A350
CGK-HKG CX798 D134567 A350
HAN-HKG CX742 D2467 A330
CX2742 D4 B777
KUL-HKG CX724 D234567 A330
MNL-HKG CX930 D23567 A350
CX902 D2 A350
CX906 Daily A350
CX918 D234567 A350
SGN-HKG CX766 Daily A350
CX764 Daily A350
CX722 D46 A350
SIN-HKG CX636 D2 A350
CX734 Daily A350
SUB-HKG CX780 D56 A330
South West Pacific AKL-HKG CX198 D572 B777
MEL-HKG CX104 D13567 A350
CX178 D5 A350
PER-HKG CX170 D23456 A350
SYD-HKG CX100 Daily A350
SYD-MEL-HKG CX2178 D2357 B777
SYD-BNE-HKG CX2156 D1 A350
SYD-WTB-HKG CX8156 D5 B777
SYD-ADL-HKG CX2174 D6 B777
The Americas JFK-HKG CX845 D3 A350
CX841 D46 A350
LAX-HKG CX881 D723 A350
CX883 D5 A350
SFO-HKG CX879 D6 A350
CX873 D72 A350
YVR-HKG CX837 D5 A350
CX865 D13 A350
YYZ-HKG CX829 D27 A350


- Effective from 1 December 2020
- Flight schedule and aircraft type are subject to change according to market and operational conditions

Please note that we will continue to monitor pandemic and quarantine developments and, as such, this schedule may be subject to further adjustments as necessary.

For large volumes of cargo, we may offer part or full charter services on passenger aircraft. Please contact your local Cathay Pacific Cargo sales office for further enquiries.

Every effort is being made to increase cargo capacity for our customers in the form of increased freighter frequencies, charter flights, cargo-only passenger flights, and freight-in-cabin cargo-only passenger flights. We encourage our customers to refer to the ‘Check Flight Availability’ function on our homepage for the latest flight schedule information.

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