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Cathay Pacific Media Response (27 August 2019)

27 August 2019

In response to media enquiries, Cathay Pacific confirms that a number of portable oxygen bottles stored onboard two of its aircraft were found to be discharged or partially discharged while the aircraft were on the ground prior to departure in Toronto. Of the 22 bottles carried onboard each aircraft, five were affected on one aircraft and eight on the other.


The airline identified the issue prior to departure during its routine inspections that it carries out before every flight. The portable oxygen bottles are for operational cabin crew use and permit crew to move around the cabin in the unlikely event of emergency aircraft depressurisation. Both cabin crew and passengers have in-seat aircraft oxygen available at all times.


We can confirm that the depleted oxygen bottles were immediately recharged and checked for serviceability by engineers prior to their flights. Pre-flight checks are carried out to ensure all emergency equipment is serviceable so that the safety of our crew and passengers is upheld at all times.


At no point was the safety of our crew and passengers compromised.


Cathay Pacific is taking the issue very seriously and has launched an internal investigation into the matter.

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