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Our Promise To You

22 August 2019

As you may have heard over the past few days, the Cathay Pacific Group has undergone a number of senior management changes. I have assumed the position of Chief Customer and Commercial Officer under the leadership of our new Chief Executive Officer, Augustus Tang. Augustus brings a wealth of experience in both aviation and doing business in mainland China, he began his career with the Swire Group 37 years ago, having most recently held the position of CEO at the Group’s wholly owned subsidiary, HAECO. I myself have been with the Cathay Pacific Group for 23 years, having previously served as Cathay Pacific’s Director Commercial & Cargo until very recently. Cargo Commercial will report directly to me and I look forward to building on the progress achieved over the past two years.

The events that happened at Hong Kong International Airport last week significantly impacted our operations and, on behalf of the Cathay Pacific Group, I would like to apologise for any inconvenience or disruption caused to your own business. We understand this may have created uncertainty among the global cargo community. We condemn all illegal activities and violent behaviour, which seriously undermine the fundamental principle of “One Country Two Systems” as enshrined in the Basic Law. All that is special about Hong Kong - its flourishing economy and the safe home it provides for our people and families - rests on a strong and respected rule of law. We will work tirelessly to restore your trust in the Hong Kong hub.

Moving forward, we have three priorities. First, I want to assure you that safety and security are and always will be of paramount importance to Cathay Pacific. We will never compromise on this and we will continue to strive for 100% compliance and an unimpeachable safety reputation. Second, we remain committed as ever to you, our customers. Our ambition remains to become the most customer-centric air cargo service provider in the world, and this starts and ends with each of our colleagues’ passion to care and desire to serve. Finally, we are focused on providing you, our customers, with a strong performance, and we will continue to invest in our cargo capability built on Customer Centric Solutions, Operational Excellence and Digitization Leadership. Our efforts will extend to working closely with our Hong Kong hub partners to best serve the local and global air cargo community.

I would like to thank you for your continued support through this challenging period and I look forward to catching up with you once again.


Ronald Lam
Chief Customer & Commercial Officer
Cathay Pacific

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