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Cathay Pacific condemns disruptive behaviour impacting Hong Kong airport, appreciates employees’ dedication in assisting customers

14 August 2019

Cathay Pacific continues to work with the airport community to ensure the return of normal flight operations as swiftly as possible. We firmly believe that social order and stability must be restored in Hong Kong so that the long-term development and prosperity of our city can again become our priority.


The public assembly at Hong Kong International Airport on Tuesday (13 August) caused severe disruptions to airport operations for the second day in a row, leading to the full suspension of check-in services and numerous flight cancellations. Tens of thousands of passengers had their travel plans disrupted as a result, and even more concerning were reports of obstructive behaviour directed towards travellers. We believe such actions are unacceptable. Not only do they seriously harm Hong Kong’s status as an international aviation hub, they also damage the reputation of Hong Kong as a whole.


Over the past two days, Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon operations have been seriously disrupted. A total of 272 departures and arrivals were cancelled affecting more than 55,000 passengers.


We are extremely grateful for the dedicated efforts put in by our employees, in particular the team at the airport, to support our customers. As a result, we managed to operate 622 departures and arrivals the past two days. And we will continue to do whatever we can to assist passengers and ensure they reach their intended destinations as soon as possible.


Once again, we would like to reiterate our firm support for the Hong Kong SAR Government, the Chief Executive and the Police in their efforts to restore law and order. As such, Cathay Pacific will continue to work closely with the Civil Aviation Department and the Airport Authority as it strives to minimise the disruption and to ensure a safe and smooth journey.

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