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Cathay Pacific strongly supports the HKSAR Government; calls for the restoration of law and order in Hong Kong

13 August 2019

We have been Hong Kong’s home carrier for many decades. This is our home. We have grown with this great city and are committed to remaining at the heart of its future growth and success.


Cathay Pacific is deeply concerned by the ongoing violence and disruption impacting Hong Kong. We resolutely support the Hong Kong SAR Government, the Chief Executive and the Police in their efforts to restore law and order. We condemn all illegal activities and violent behaviour, which seriously undermine the fundamental principle of “One Country Two Systems” as enshrined in the Basic Law. All that is special about Hong Kong - its flourishing economy and the safe home it provides for our people and families - rests on a strong and respected rule of law. We must act now to stop the violence and preserve the stability, peace and prosperity of Hong Kong.


Running a global airline, our ever present focus is to ensure safe and secure operations for our customers and staff. We abide by the rules and regulations of the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department and those of all the countries we serve and over whose airspace we fly. Cathay Pacific will comply with the CAAC safety directives at all times.

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