Priority LIFT Terms & Conditions

  • Automatic booking confirmation, late acceptance and early retrieval arrangements are not applicable to special cargo
  • Automatic booking confirmation may be withheld on very rare occasions due to critical flight situations
  • Cargo and document acceptance and release times may vary in selected markets and are subject to local conditions 
  • Accept prepaid shipments only

Money-Back Guarantee Terms & Conditions

  • Applicable on Cathay Pacific and/or Dragonair operating flights only 
  • Money-back guarantee is not applicable in the following circumstances:
    • the delay is caused by weather conditions, mechanical faults of the aircraft or for any other reasons that are beyond Cathay Pacific and Dragonair’s direct control 

    • the delay is caused by non-air transportation services, including but not limited to truck services arranged by Cathay Pacific or Dragonair.

    • Shipment not flown on some or all flights as booked but arrived at the final destination on or before the scheduled arrival time of the last booked flight segment

  • Refund is not applicable to local charges or any surcharge (surcharges include, but are not limited to, fuel surcharge, security surcharge or War Risk surcharge)
  • Refund is not applicable to the whole shipment if tendered shipment’s weight and/or size exceed the offer in a confirmed booking.
  • Refund is not applicable to shipment subjected to additional security screening at transit point.

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